WWE wrestlers who made fellow player brother-in-law, married sister

New Delhi: WWE sports are very popular. This game is also very much liked in India. Many players in this game are superstars. Their earnings are in crores. In the last years, many of these wrestlers have married the sister of their fellow wrestlers player. At the same time, many have dated female wrestlers. We will tell you about some wrestlers who married their friend’s sister.

triple h

After joining WWE in 1195, Triple H dated Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie is Shane McMahon’s sister. After being in a relationship with each other for three years, both of them got married in 2003 and now they have three daughters.

Daniel Bryan

Former WWE Champions Brie Bella and Nikki Bella joined the company in 2007. Where Brie met Daniel Bryan after three years. After meeting Daniel, both of them liked each other’s quality very much. Daniel Bryan dated Nikki Bella’s sister Brie Bella for a few years and then both the superstars got married. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bullock have two children.

Davey Boy Smith

WWE Hall of Famer Davey Boy Smith married Bret Hart’s second sister. The former Intercontinental Champion made his professional wrestling debut in 1970 and moved to Canada during the 1980s to join Stu Hart Stampede Wrestling. In Canada, Smith lived in Brett’s small house where he met Bret Hart’s sister, Diana, in 1981. Smith told that he had gone to see the film for the first time, after which both came into the relationship. Both had two children but in the year 2000, both of them separated from each other.

Kenneth Cameron

Kenneth Cameron joined WWE in 2010. The 35-year-old wrestler worked in FCW and NXT for two years, after which his contract expired in 2012. Meanwhile, Cameron fell in love with Ric Flair’s daughter and David Flair’s sister Charlotte. The two met during training, after which both of them spent a lot of time together. Both got married in 2013 but their relationship lasted only for 2 years and in 2015, both got divorced and separated from each other. Charlotte is still a part of WWE and Cameron is currently associated with the NWA.

Jim Neidhart

Before joining wrestling, Jim Neidhart played in the NFL. Jim played for the Auckland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys. Jim began wrestling in 1970 after his release from the Dallas Cowboys. Jim trained with Stu Hart in Calgary and joined Hart’s Stampede Wrestling. Jim married Elizabeth, the daughter of his trainer Stu, in 1979 and lived together for 39 years, but Jim died in 2018. Elizabeth was the sister of the legendary Bret Hart. Jim has three daughters.

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