Afghanistan Blast: Blast in eastern Afghanistan adjoining Pakistan, 9 school children killed, four injured

New Delhi: Nine children were killed and four were injured in an explosion in Afghanistan on Monday. These explosions took place in eastern Afghanistan bordering Pakistan. It happened in Lalopar district of Garhar province. The Taliban-appointed governor’s office has confirmed the incident.

A statement issued by the governor’s office said the explosion occurred when a vehicle selling food items hit an old, unexploded mortar shell.

The province is the headquarters of the Taliban’s rivals, the Islamic State (IS) group, which has carried out a series of attacks targeting Afghanistan’s new rulers since the Taliban took over the country in mid-August. However, IS has carried out dozens of horrific attacks in Afghanistan since 2014 and has often targeted the country’s minority Shia Muslims.

Afghanistan is one of the countries with the most non-exploded land mines and other armaments from the country’s decades of war and conflict. When ordnance explodes, the victims are often children.

first published:Jan. 10, 2022, 7:34 p.m.


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