Bollywood and tv stars kids tests positive: Bad Corona didn’t spare even children, these little ones got infected in the industry: amid the Omicron scare Many tv and Bollywood celebrities kids have tested positive in the recent times

There has been a stir around the world due to the increasing cases of the new variant Omicron of Corona. Its new variant, Omicron, has also increased its speed quite a lot. This time the situation is a bit different from before. Earlier, elders were coming in the grip of Corona and the children were safe, but this time this merciless Corona has not even spared the children. This time, as fast as film and TV stars are getting infected with corona, their children are also falling prey to this monster-like virus. Come, let us know which stars’ children have been infected with corona this year so far.

Sohail Khan’s son Yohan
Recently, along with Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Arora, Sohail Khan’s wife Seema Khan was also reported to be Corona positive. It was only after this that the news came that 10-year-old Yohan, the younger son of Sohail Khan, is also positive.

Ranvir Shorey’s son Haroon

After this, recently, actor Ranvir Shorey posted on social media and told that his 10-year-old son Haroon has also got corona. Ranveer told that he was in Goa for the holiday and on his way back to Mumbai, he came to know about this infection in the test. However, more than this disease, people were worried about the treatment in the hotel where the quarantine was staying. In the hotel where Ranveer was staying, people were demanding from that hotel owner to cut the charges. Ranveer gave this information while posting on social media.

Nakuul Mehta’s 11-month-old son Sufi
TV actor Nakuul Mehta recently shared the post and told that his wife and 11-month-old son Sufi have also become Kovid positive. Nakuul Mehta shared a post on his Instagram account on 23 December and told that he has got corona. Nakul’s wife Janki also expressed her painful moments on social media and wrote, ‘Many of you will know that my husband came Kovid positive 2 weeks ago. After a few days, I also started showing symptoms. The next day after I fell ill, Sufi developed fever. Even keeping medicines and water strips did not help. We rushed him to the hospital only in the middle of the night. At that time the fever had crossed 104.2. After that my tough days started.

Janki shared these confusing moments in the hospital and wrote, ‘My days started passing in Kovid ICU with my son. My little fighter went through a lot. Took him away in the ambulance at midnight. 3 IVS were done, blood tests were done, RTPCR test was done, saline, antibiotics and injections were given so that somehow his body temperature would come down. After 3 days his fever finally broke. She was terribly tired of handling her son alone in the hospital. At that time I did not even realize that I have this fatigue because I am also Kovid positive.

Mohit Malik and Aditi’s 9-month-old son Ekbir
‘Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala’ actors Mohit Malik and Aditi’s 9-month-old son Ekbir has also been infected with Corona. Aditi gave her pain on social media handle. The actress writes, ‘My son Ekbir, who has never had fever till date, woke up one day when his body was hot. We checked his temperature, then it was found that he has 102 degree fever. The first thought that came to our mind was to get it tested. And unfortunately both Ekbir and my househelp were found positive. Initially I was shocked. Started wondering how all this happened. Then Mohit and I decided that we have to look at it positively. Ekbir will fight this virus and will be fine.

Kishwer Merchant and Suyash Rai’s son Nirvair

Nirvair, son of Kishwar Merchant and Suyash Rai, has also been hit by Corona. Kishwar narrated the whole story by posting on social media and wrote, “Nirvair’s nanny (Aaya) got corona 5 days ago. And what happened after that was nothing short of a disaster. Our househelp got corona and she got quarantined. Then Suyyash’s partner Sid, who was living with us, also got infected. And what happened after that was the worst.’ Kishwar further praised Suyash in the post, who did all the work in this bad time, from handling the child to washing the dishes and cooking, he played the role of a good father and husband.

What are the symptoms of Omicron in children

This time Corona is taking different children in its grip faster than last time. In children, there are many symptoms such as high fever, persistent cough (continuous for an hour), fatigue, headache, sore throat and loss of appetite. Now gradually the number of children being admitted in hospitals is also increasing. One reason for this, experts are also telling that due to lack of vaccine, children are easily falling prey to this new variant.


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