Covid-19 Precautionary Dose: On the first day more than 9 lakhs received ‘precautionary dose’, AIIMS director Guleria also got third vaccine-Covid-19 Precautionary Dose: On the first day more than 9 lakhs received precautionary dose, AIIMS director Guleria also got the third vaccine administered

New Delhi: In India amidst the third wave of corona epidemic and the growing threat of Omicron variants Has started ‘precautionary doses’ of corona vaccine for frontline workers, healthcare workers and senior citizens above 60 years of age.

The Union Health Ministry has made this information public, saying that- more than 9 lakh “precautionary doses” were given to the eligible age group on the first day. A total of 82 lakh vaccine doses were given till 7 pm today, taking India’s total vaccination coverage to 152.78 crores.

Let us inform that AIIMS Director Randeep Singh Guleria has also taken a ‘precautionary dose’ as part of the nationwide campaign that started on Monday.

Let the Prime Minister Narendra Modi In his speech on December 25, an important announcement was made regarding the third dose.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had issued a statement recently saying that those who wish to register for a booster or ‘precautionary dose’ of the Kovid-19 vaccine need not make a fresh registration on the Kovin portal. According to this statement, beneficiaries can make an appointment directly or go to a vaccination center and get their third shot.

As per the new instructions issued in this regard, only one vaccine is to be given to the beneficiary and no mixing will be allowed as of now. This means that people who were given the first and second doses of Covaxin will be given the same dose of the vaccine as a ‘precautionary dose’. As such, only those who have received the Coveshield will be allowed to take the Coveshield.

first published:Jan. 10, 2022, 9:25 p.m.


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