Deltacron: ‘Deltacron’, a new variant of corona made from a mixture of omicron and delt, 25 patients found so far – deltacron covid 19 new variant surfaced in cyprus new threat after omicron

New Delhi: The cases of corona and the new variant of corona Omicron are increasing rapidly all over the world including India. Another variant of the corona virus has knocked. This new variant of Corona has been named Deltakron. It is a combination of Omicron and Delta variants of Corona.

Samples related to 25 cases of DeltaCron in the European country of Cyprus have been sent to the International Database Center GISAID for further analysis. These centers have been keeping a close watch on this variant since January 7. According to the news published in Bloomberg, the University of Cyprus said, it is made of a mixture of Omicron and Delta variants.

Dr. Leondios Kostriakis, head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology at the University of Cyprus, said the frequency of mutations was higher among hospitalized patients, indicating an association between the new variant and hospitalization.

Kostrix said that we will find out whether this strain is more pathological or more infectious and whether it will be more effective than the two main strains of the past. In a discussion with Sigma TV, he said that Omicron appears to be more infectious than DeltaCron. These researchers have sent the results of their study to ‘GISaid’, an international data base tracking infection data.

Omicron is said to be the fastest-spreading corona variant ever, while Delta wreaked havoc in many countries last year. In such a situation, what will be the dangers of their mixed new variants, it can be guessed.

first published:Jan. 10, 2022, 8:19 a.m.


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