Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan Know Unknown Facts About Hrithik Roshan On His 48th Birthday Marriage Proposal

Hrithik Roshan Uknown FactsHrithik Roshan is called the Greek God of Bollywood, January 10 is very special for his fans. Even if it is good, why not on this date Hrithik Roshan (Hrithik Roshan Birthday) is celebrating his birthday. Let us tell you that Hrithik Roshan is celebrating his 48th birthday today i.e. on January 10. On this occasion, Hrithik Roshan has shared the first look from his upcoming film Vikram Vedha, which his fans are very fond of. Hrithik Roshan is known not only for his acting but also for his killer looks, strong physique and excellent dance. On the occasion of Hrithik Roshan’s birthday, know some stories related to him.

Hrithik Roshan started his career with Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. The tremendous chemistry of Hrithik Roshan and Ameesha Patel was seen in this film. The very first film of Hrithik Roshan (Hrithik Roshan Debut Movie) proved to be a blockbuster and he engulfed the hearts of millions of people overnight. According to media reports, when Hrithik Roshan’s first film was released, he had received 30 thousand marriage proposals during that time. Hrithik Roshan (Hrithik Roshan Female Following) still has a strong female fan following.

In The Kapil Sharma Show, Hrithik Roshan was once asked by Kapil Sharma – Are the children of the rich also mischievous and are they beaten up?

Hrithik Roshan had told an anecdote while answering this question – I do not know how one day a ghost came in me. Some empty bottles were lying on my terrace. I used to live on the 13th floor of the building. Talking further, Hrithik Roshan said that, I first saw the bottles and then looked down, then started thinking that how will these bottles fall down? How would it feel? It is very important to know this. Then dropped a bottle, it fell down and it was very fun. I enjoyed it so much that I brought the tray of empty bottles along on the grill. While narrating the anecdote, Hrithik said that one after the other, I started throwing all the bottles down.

I am seeing people, I could not understand so much that what would happen if someone gets hurt. It was a matter of luck that no one got hurt. Hrithik said that after that my father came. I can’t tell what happened after that. Hrithik’s sister Sunaina (Hrithik Roshan Sister Sunaina Roshan) also told that she used to beat her a lot with both her parents. The reason for this was that he did not eat food. Hrithik said about this that my father used to make parathas, bhurji, jam in bhurji…by adding cheese to the jam. Papa used to say – Duggu came on breakfast. My mouth used to rot.

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