I have not got Geeta in Urfi Javed’s hand and written on T-shirt, Javed Akhtar’s granddaughter, know what is her new drama?

Urfi Javed: Bigg Boss OTT fame aka Javed gets into the trend every day by doing something new on social media. Once again, Urfi has come in limelight for her different style. Recently, the unique look of Urfi Javed has been captured in his camera. His unique look is because this time he is wearing a T-shirt with a very different message.

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In this picture, Urfi Javed is seen wearing an oversize T-shirt, which reads that I am not Javed Akhtar’s granddaughter. Why has Urfi got this message written on his T-shirt? Know about this too.

Urfi, who was spotted at the airport, says please pay attention to her T-shirt. Every day many people tagging her on Twitter and say ‘Teach something to Javed Akhtar’s granddaughter. I am fed up with these things of people. I am not Javed Akhtar’s granddaughter.

Urfi Javed has cleared his statement that he has nothing to do with Javed Sahab. That’s why those who describe Urfi as Javed Akhtar’s granddaughter on Twitter. Those people should tie the knot of Urfi and do not call her the granddaughter of Javed Akhtar in future.



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