Nephew did disgusting act with his own maternal uncle, was doing blackmail by making nude video

Gwalior. A sensational case of tarnishing relationships has come to light in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, where a nephew, along with his friend, under Gole Ka Mandir police station area, has committed a gang-rape incident with his maternal aunt.

A video was also made by the accused nephew during the gang rape of the victim, due to which he started blackmailing her, when the victim protested against it, the accused nephew sent a nude video to the maternal uncle, after which the victim reached the police station with her husband and complained Registered. Police have arrested both the accused by registering a case of gangrape.

In fact, on the evening of December 31, the nephew called his maternal aunt and asked him to come to the house for some urgent work. When the woman reached the nephew’s house, her nephew’s friend Akash Mahour was also present there. Both gave water to aunt to drink. After that she fainted, during which both the nephew and his friend gang-raped the aunt, not only that, both of them also made nude videos of her.

After the incident, the accused threatened the victim to make the video viral, after which the scared woman returned to her house. But the accused nephew started blackmailing her. When the woman protested against this act of the nephew, she sent the video of the gang-rape with her maternal uncle to her own maternal uncle’s mobile. Then the woman heard her ordeal to her husband and complained to the police station. Taking immediate action, Gole Ka Mandir police station has arrested the accused by registering a case of gang rape and blackmailing.

first published:Jan. 10, 2022, 7:35 p.m.


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