Poonam Pandey was spotted outside the coffee shop wearing a revealing deep neck top, seeing the paparazzi made such a gesture fly everyone’s senses

Mumbai. Actress and model Poonam Pandey remains in the headlines every day. Sometimes about his words, sometimes about his clothes. Meanwhile, internet sensation Poonam Pandey was spotted outside a coffee shop in Andheri, Mumbai. During this, she appeared glamorous in black tights with deep neck satin top.

He posed a lot for paps, as well as answered some of his questions. During a conversation with Papps, Poonam revealed that she loves ‘Bharatiya Janata Party’ (Poonam Pandey Loves BJP). Talking about her childhood, Poonam said that she was a ‘naughty girl’, and now she has improved a lot. Poonam Pandey says during this that she loves Vada Pav. Not only this, the actress also said that ‘I used to steal vada pav in my childhood’.

first published:Jan. 10, 2022, 6:37 p.m.



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