Shraddha Arya Husband Imposter Busted: Such a photo of Shraddha Arya’s husband shared on Instagram from a fake account, the actress was shocked to see, said to the fans – unfollow immediately – shraddha arya shocked to see husband rahul nagal fake profile on instagram alerts fans saying he is not on social media

When Preeta of ‘Kundali Bhagya’ (Shraddha Arya) recently came to know that there is a fake profile on Instagram in the name of her husband Rahul Nagal, her senses were blown away. The actress immediately informed the fans and alerted them. Shraddha Arya requested all the fans to immediately unfollow that ‘Baharupiya’.

Shraddha Arya married Navy officer Rahul Nagal on 16 November 2021. Shraddha told that her husband is not on Instagram. He does not have any account on this social media platform. Shraddha shared the screenshot of the fake profile made in the name of her husband on her Instagram story.

shraddha arya husband fake account

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Shraddha also shared the picture of her husband which was shared from this fake account. Simultaneously, the actress wrote, ‘Please spread this thing. Whoever is following this person as my husband, unfollow immediately. It is someone else who is here pretending to be my husband. My husband is neither on Instagram nor on any other social media platform.

Let us tell you that Shraddha Arya has just returned from Maldives vacation with husband Rahul Nagal a few weeks back. From there, they shared a lot of pictures together which were popular on social media. Rahul Nagal is a very private person and prefers to stay away from social media. At the same time, Shraddha is a social media lover. She keeps sharing her husband’s pictures along with her on Instagram.

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Photo: Instagram/sarya12

Photo: Instagram/sarya12


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