Video: 8-year-old boy, who was stunned on the DOG in the movie ‘Teri’ Mehrabaniyan’, running on TV, in the desire to get the LED burnt with the bat

KhargoneIn Madhya Pradesh, an 8-year-old boy was so infatuated with the dog of the film ‘Teri Mehrabaniyan’ that he killed him by swinging a bat on a 32-inch LED in his desire. The whole matter is being told of Jhirnya in the district, where an 8-year-old boy, in the desire of the dog, broke the LED TV of the house with a bat.

Actually, while watching Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff’s film “Teri Mehrabaniyan”, the child liked the dog of the film so much that he felt like taking the dog out of the TV with a bat. During this, 8-year-old Piyush broke 14 thousand LED TVs. The family was terrified by the noise of the TV bursting. When the parents asked the question to the son, they had nothing but remorse.

Dog’s loyalty won hearts

An interesting case of film and dog influence came to light in Jhirnia, 70 km from Khargone district headquarters. Hotel operator Manish Gangrade’s 8-year-old son was insisting his parents to bring a dog every day for several days. When the desire to get a dog reached the limit, when he made up his mind to get the dog out of the TV on the loyalty of the dog in the film Teri Mehrabaniyan, which was running on LED TV at home.

Actually, a dog scene was going on with Jackie Shroff, seeing that the 8-year-old boy wanted to get the dog, tried to get the dog out of the LED TV and hit the LED TV running with a bat kept at home. Seeing this incident, the family members could not understand anything. Although there is no report of any injury or damage in this incident, but as soon as this news spread in the village, many people reached the hotel operator’s house to inquire.

The child was already insisting on the dog

It is a matter of discussion in the surrounding area including the village. Innocent Piyush said that the dog wanted to remove the LED. Was watching the movie Teri Mehrabani. Liked the dog. He broke the TV with the bat. Here, father Manish Gangrade, who is always troubled by the evils of his son, says that he always insisted on having a dog. While watching the movie, the LED broke due to liking the dog. He is very evil.

first published:Jan. 10, 2022, 5:59 p.m.


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