Anu Aggarwal Then and Now: Anu Aggarwal’s life was ruined by an accident, forgot her name, shaved her head – aashiqui fame anu aggarwal birthday when actress talked about her tragic accident and why she did not return to acting

Do you remember actress Anu Aggarwal? The same Anu Aggarwal, whose innocence and charming acts robbed everyone’s heart in the film ‘Aashiqui’. Today i.e. on January 11 is the birthday of Anu Aggarwal. Anu Aggarwal became an overnight star with this film in 1990. But the success that Anu got from her debut, could not be found in any other film, nor did she get the desired role.

Although Anu Aggarwal worked in Hollywood, but a fatal accident in 1999 ruined Anu Agarwal’s whole life. Anu Aggarwal had told the full scene of that accident in an interview given to our colleague Times of India in 2021.

Anu Aggarwal had told that she had joined spirituality before the accident. She was taking spirituality by staying in an ashram. He had even changed his name. But then one day she had a dangerous accident, after which she went into a coma. She remained in a coma for several days. When she regained consciousness, she had forgotten everything.

Anu Aggarwal had told that after the accident in 2001, he retired and got his head shaved. She kept walking around with only one bag. But when he returned in 2006, his house was surrounded by the entire media.

Many people feel that Anu Agarwal’s life would have become easier after her superhit debut. He would not have had to struggle for any role. But according to Anu Aggarwal, even after getting success, his struggle did not end. In this interview, Anu Aggarwal had told that after all what troubles she had gone through then.

Anu Aggarwal had said, ‘I got very good roles, but I was adamant that I would do something amazing. I didn’t want to just run back and forth between trees. Rakesh Roshan and Mani Ratnam called me. I also got an offer for a Hollywood film, but before doing the film, I wanted the script with me. Some movies played and some didn’t. At that time I was also doing modeling and was also handling the house alone.

Now Anu Agarwal is living a yoga lifestyle and is a social activist. She is very active on Instagram and keeps sharing her videos and pictures daily. Not only this, she is also running ‘Anu Agarwal Foundation’ for mental health, environmental awareness and to remove stress.

Instagram/ mirchi90s/anusualanu

Instagram/ mirchi90s/anusualanu


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