geeta umar controversy: Umar Riaz replied to geeta kapur- BB15 chorographer geeta kapur for surgeon remark

Umar Riaz became homeless from the Bigg Boss 15 house during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. But before this, Geeta Kapoor, who came as a panelist, had said a lot. Questions were raised even on his profession. Then when Umar came out of the house, he also gave a befitting reply to the choreographer by tweeting.

In Weekend Ka Vaar, Geeta Kapoor had said, ‘Omar Riaz, you are a surgeon. But the kind of form you have shown in your show. If I ever get sick, I will never get myself treated by a doctor like you. You seem to be very angry. If you come out and do your medicine, will you not? Then in such a situation, how can someone come in front of you for treatment.

To this Umar replied via tweet. Said, ‘Geeta ma’am, I will tell you my nature. When Corona spread all over India, I was working whole day to serve my country and people without thinking about my health. Because I have got this upbringing, in which I have to serve others, I do not have to think about myself. You have linked my profession with my behavior by coming to the reality show. I have reacted only when there is talk about me, which you could not understand. How sad that you have tried to humiliate me on national TV just to set a narrative.

Salman Khan had also said that the public has decided that Umar should not live in this house. On this also Omar reacted. He writes, ‘My people, my army should never throw me out, do not support, this cannot happen. It’s not possible at all. I want to say thanks to all. From my fans to the fans of the country and abroad, who have remained with me in this journey till now. It was actually a very difficult journey for me. But without you guys I could not have crossed this. Now we have to go much further. Even if not everyday, but I will be back soon. Till then keep on loving you. Stay safe and also maintain social distancing. This doctor is always in your heart.’

Fans had also made several tweets supporting Omar and said that Geeta Kapoor had crossed her limits while speaking. A fan wrote, ‘Omar you played well. Everyone knows that Gati had crossed the line. Best wishes to you for the future. We know that you are a good person as well as a better doctor.

Let us tell you that coming out of Umar’s house was shocking for everyone. Because everyone was imagining him in the top 5. However, the way the fans are continuously demanding, it is being speculated that he can enter the house as a wildcard. Earlier, the names of Vishal Kotian and Rajeev Adatia were coming out but due to Vishal being corona, their departure has been canceled and the way the show has been extended, it seems that maybe the makers can plan something like this. Well, there is no official confirmation on these things yet.

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