Gold Price Update: Buying gold now is a profitable deal, the price came at Rs 27862 per 10 grams – gold silver jewelry rate price latest update on 11th janurary 2022 know latest rate in indian sarafa market t

New Delhi: If you want to buy gold or gold jewelry then there is important news for you. Right now gold is getting cheaper by about Rs 8700 and silver by more than Rs 19500 from its all-time high. In such a situation, when the wedding season is about to start once again, you can buy jewelry cheaply.

On Monday, the first day of this trading week, there was a slight increase in the price of gold. On Monday, gold became expensive by Rs 44 per ten grams and closed at Rs 47627. On the last trading day, gold had closed at Rs 47583 on Friday. On the other hand, silver rose by Rs 360 per kg to close at Rs 60351 per kg. On Friday, silver had closed at the rate of 5,9991 per kg.

14 to 24 carat gold latest price

In this way, today the latest price of 24 carat gold is Rs 47627 per 10 grams, 23 carat gold Rs 47436 per 10 grams, 22 carat gold Rs 43626 per 10 grams, 18 carat gold Rs 35720 per 10 grams and 14 carat gold approx. 27862 per 10 grams level.

Gold 8617 and silver 19529 are getting cheaper from all time high

In this way, today gold is selling cheaper by about Rs 8617 per 10 grams than its all-time high. Gold had made its all-time high in August 2020. At that time gold had gone up to the level of Rs 56,200 per ten grams. At the same time, silver was getting cheaper at the rate of about Rs 19529 per kg from its highest level. The all-time high level of silver is Rs 79980 per kg.

Know the purity of gold like this

If you want to check the purity of gold now, then an app has been made by the government for this. With the BIS Care app, customers can check the purity of gold. Through this app, you can not only check the purity of gold, but can also make any complaint related to it.

Buy gold only after seeing hallmark

Let us tell you that while buying gold, keep in mind its quality. Gold jewelery should be bought only after seeing the hallmark. The hallmark is a government guarantee of gold and the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the only agency in India that determines the hallmark. The hallmarking scheme operates under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, rules and regulations.

first published:Jan. 11, 2022, 7:41 a.m.


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