kapil sharma: Kapil sharma on relationship with Ginni- Kapil Sharma’s first meeting and marriage with Ginni

Kapil Sharma has made people laugh till date with his strange words. Once again he set out on the same task. He will soon have a show on OTT called ‘I’m Not Done Yet’. However, the trailer has arrived, which shows that he remains a stand-up comedian. In the trailer, he is also seen joking with his wife Ginni Chatrath. Apart from this show, Kapil had also mentioned about his personal life in a recent interview. It was told that there had come a time when he had told Ginni that the relationship between both of them was not possible.

In a special conversation with ‘The Man’ magazine, whose cover Kapil is in, the comedian was asked about his wife, when he told that Ginni was his student at the university and later became an assistant. She was doing her graduation in a girls college in Jalandhar. 3-4 years my junior and I was pursuing PG Diploma in Commercial Arts in a co-ed college. For pocket money, I used to participate in theaters and went to many colleges to act. She was a very good friend of mine at that time. Even now, after marriage she has become my teacher. She was good at skits and histrionics in drama, so I made her my assistant.

Kapil further revealed that he had told Ginni that this relationship would not work. He says, ‘When I made an assistant and started working together, then I came to know that madam likes me. Then I explained to them that the car you come in is worth more than the cost of my whole family. That’s why this relation is not possible between us.

Let us tell you that on December 12, 2018, both of them got married in Jalandhar. They also have two children now. One daughter’s name is Anaira and the other son’s name is Trishaan.

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