Know The Reason Why Saif Ali Khan Family Was Against His Marriage With Amrita Singh

Saif Ali Khan Divorce: Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh met on the sets of a film by filmmaker Rahul Rawail. If the news is to be believed, then Saif became a liar on seeing Amrita Singh at first sight here. According to media reports, after this Saif Ali Khan tried to take Amrita on a date. However, instead of going out on a date, Amrita Singh had invited Saif Ali Khan to her house for dinner.

According to the news, Saif Ali Khan had also proposed Amrita Singh in the first meeting here. However, Amrita Singh was much older than Saif Ali Khan in age. There was a big difference of 12 years in the age of Saif and Amrita. This was the reason why Saif Ali Khan’s family members were strongly against his marriage with Amrita Singh. However, Saif had made up his mind and went against the wishes of the family members and married Amrita Singh in the year 1991.

While Amrita Singh was 33 years old at the time of marriage, Saif was 21 years old then. Not only this, Amrita was a well-known actress of the industry then, while Saif did not even debut in films then. However, from this marriage, two children Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan were born to Saif and Amrita.

At the same time, after a few years of marriage, the mutual discord and estrangement between Saif and Amrita increased so much that in 2004, both of them got divorced. While Amrita did not remarry after her divorce from Saif, Saif Ali Khan married actress Kareena Kapoor Khan in 2012.

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