The children of these stars of the TV world became victims of corona, know their names. Children of these stars of TV world became victims of corona, know their names

Mumbai. These days the cases of corona are increasing rapidly day by day. Not only elders but children are also falling in the grip of Kovid-19 this time. Recently, Sufi, son of TV actor Nakuul Mehta, had a corona infection. But now after that, the Kovid report of TV stars Aditi Malik and Mohit Malik’s nine-month-old son Ekbir has also come positive. After son Ekbir’s Kovid report came positive, now Aditi has appeared very worried. He has given this information by writing a note on social media on Monday.

He has written this note talking about the challenges being faced during those Kovid. Taking to her Instagram handle, the ‘Shararat’ fame actress shared a picture with her son and wrote in the caption, “Motherhood Diaries, When Your Newborn Tests Positive for Kovid, Chapter 18. Fighting happens since a baby is in the mother’s womb and Yes babies are stronger than we can ever imagine! My little Ekbir has never had a fever till today, woke up a little hot one morning. We checked his temperature and it was 102 degrees. The first thought that came to our mind was that Everyone should be tested and unfortunately, the report of Ekbir and one of my domestic helpers has come back positive.”

Giving further information, she told how she is looking at this situation. The actress further wrote- “Initially, I was shocked. I was wondering how it happened but then Mohit and I decided that we have to look at it in a positive way. Ekbir will fight this and so we all as a family. Will increase immunity. Ironically, Mohit got covid in January last year when I was 7 months pregnant and around the same time Ekbir also got covid in the same week, same time.

However, Aditi has made it clear that she and her husband Mohit Malik are Kovid negative. Referring to some of the things she learned from this experience, Aditi wrote – “For me, the lesson was that yes covid is dangerous and yes I was nervous. Stay safe, take all precautions but if you are still covid If you go, don’t give up! Fight it and win the battle.

For information, let us tell you that earlier the corona report of Nirvair, son of TV actress Kishwer Merchant also came positive. He is only four months old now. The actress gave this information on her Instagram and told how she and her husband Suyyash Rai are taking care of her. Sharing a post, the actress wrote that, ‘Nirvair has also been hit by Corona. After this, apart from me and my husband, there was no one to cook or clean. Not only this, there was no one to help Nirvair even when he was moaning in pain. Suyyash is the best partner I have met. Because of him, we have overcome this bad time of ours well. Suyyash helped me in everything. Even after this, the actress wrote a long note telling about her son.

At the same time, Sufi, son of actor Nakuul Mehta, also got corona a few days ago. Whose information was shared by his wife Janki Parekh in a note on her Instagram account. He wrote in the note that- ‘Most of you would know that my husband also got corona 2 weeks ago. I also started seeing symptoms after a few days. I thought not attending my sister’s wedding was the worst but covid made me feel that nothing could be worse than this. A day after my positive test, Sufi started having fever and was not taking its name to subside. We took him to the hospital in the middle of the night when his fever crossed 104.2. My baby had a very rough day in the ICU. My fighter went through all this. Even after this, she told many things about her son and husband.

Looking at all these matters, it can only be said that we have to be more careful than we can live with. Because these epidemics are now slowly taking a formidable form.

first published:Jan. 11, 2022, 12:21 p.m.

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