Bharti Singh Weight Loss Before Pregnancy Comedian Reduced Weight Adopted Only This Easy Method

Bharti Singh Weight Loss: A little guest is going to come to the house of people’s favorite comedian Bharti Singh very soon. She had announced her pregnancy on Instagram some time back. Since then fans are congratulating him. At the same time, before pregnancy, Bharti Singh had lost a lot of weight. Bharti surprised everyone with her transformation. According to media reports, he had lost 15 kg of his weight in a few months.

Let us tell you that Bharti Singh had lost 15 kg in just 6 months. According to media reports, earlier Bharti’s weight was about 91 kg, which was later raised to 76 kg by Bharti. She had lost weight by intermittent fasting and Bharti herself had disclosed about this.

Bharti Singh herself told in an interview that she has reduced her weight only by controlling her diet. According to media reports, Bharti Singh did not eat anything after 7 pm and till 12 noon the next day. That is, during this time she used to keep fast. However, at the time of eating, Bharti did not abstain from eating her favorite food. These days intermittent fasting has become the easiest way to lose weight.

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