Due to Corona, the shadow of parents lifted from the heads of about 1.5 lakh children – Corona Pandemic, 1.5 lakh children lost parents.

According to the latest report of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), about 1,47,492 have lost their families since April 2020. In the report filed in the Supreme Court, the NCPCR released the data and said that many children have lost their mother or father or both parents due to corona epidemic or any other reason.

According to the NCPCR, their figures are based on data uploaded by states and union territories on their ‘Bal Swaraj Portal-COVID Care’ till January 11. The commission has released these figures regarding children in need of care and protection due to the loss of parents during the Kovid-19 pandemic. The affidavit, filed through advocate Swaroopma Chaturvedi, said the data uploaded by the states and union territories on ‘Bal Swaraj Portal-Covid Care’ includes children from both categories. In which the child has lost either the parents or both due to corona infection or any other reason. It has also been reported that most of the children are in the age group of eight to 13 years (59,010).

This is followed by children of 14 to 15 years (22,763) and 16 to 18 years (22,626) and four to seven years (26,080). The commission has also given information about the present status of the children’s shelter. According to statistics, most of the children are their own, either mother or father, those whose parents are no longer in this world, they are now forced to spend their lives with your relatives. U then their total number is 1,25,205. At the same time, 11,272 children are with family members, followed by 8,450 children with a guardian. It has also been reported that a total of 1,529 children are in children’s homes, 19 in open shelter homes, two in observation homes, 188 in orphanages, 66 in specialized adoption agencies and 39 in hostels.

The commission is now becoming a support to those children, the commission said that it is also taking steps to ensure that children are not affected or less adversely affected in the pandemic. In this series, NCPCR has also held several rounds of meetings with State Commissions for protection of child rights of each of the States and Union Territories. So that the situation can be brought under control by taking stock of the preparedness in the event of the third wave of corona epidemic. The commission told the Supreme Court that it is holding region-wise meetings with the SCPCRs of each state and union territory. A meeting with the same north-eastern states is yet to be held on January 19.

first published:Jan. 16, 2022, 9:55 p.m.



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