The Kapil Sharma Show Khajur Comedy Per Episode Fees Know Net Worth Of Kartikey Raj

Kapil Sharma Show Kajur Comedy: The little artist of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Khajoor has earned a lot of name on the basis of his ability. The 13-year-old child has made a special identity in the comedy world. Khajur, who played the son of ‘Chandu Chaiwala’ in The Kapil Sharma Show, has gained a lot of popularity. The real name of dates is Kartikeya Raj. Child actors are often shown in school dress. When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan came to The Kapil Sharma Show, dates called her her mother. After this, the actress also called dates as her son.

In The Kapil Sharma Show, ‘Khajur’ often adds fun colors to his comedy. Date i.e. Karthikeya (Kartikey Raj) charges a lot of money for this comedy. According to reports, Kartikeya charges Rs 1.5 lakh for an episode. Kartikeya has made a house in Mumbai on the basis of hard work. Kartikeya Raj lives in Mumbai with some of his family members.

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Let us tell you that Kartikeya used to be a lover of bread for two times but today he has become the owner of crores. Karthikeya had reached Mumbai after participating in the show ‘Best Dramebaaz’, where Kapil Sharma saw him. Kapil Sharma then got the offer of a comedy show to Karthikeya (Kartikey Raj Comedy).

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