Anushka Sharma wrote an emotional note about husband Virat Kohli, said- I have seen tears in your eyes. Anushka Sharma wrote an emotional note about husband Virat Kohli, said- I have seen tears in your eyes

Mumbai. Indian cricketer Virat Kohli surprised everyone on Sunday when he took to social media to announce his decision to step down as the captain of the Test cricket team. Virat Kohli ended his seven-year journey (captaining the Test cricket team) with a lengthy note on social media. Along with this, his captaincy is being remembered and he is also being praised as a captain and player. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli’s wife and actress Anushka Sharma has written a long note for Virat Kohli. In this note, the actress made many revelations and she has started from the day when Virat Kohli got the captaincy.

The actress shared two pictures of her husband Virat on her Instagram and wrote- ‘I remember the day in 2014, when you told me that you were made captain, because M.S. had decided to retire from Test cricket. I remember Dhoni, you and I were talking to him the next day and he was joking about how soon your beard will start turning white. We all laughed at this. Since that day I have seen more than your beard turning white.

Many of these challenges that you faced were not always on the field. But still this is life, isn’t it? It tests you in places where you would have little hope of this happening and my love, I am so proud of you that you didn’t let anything come in the way of your good intentions. The actress further wrote- ‘You won the field by putting your all. Sitting next to me after a few defeats, I have seen tears in your eyes. Do you have any doubts as to where it was lacking and how it could have been improved?

You have not achieved anything out of greed, even this position.’ In the end, he wrote, ‘Our daughter will see her father’s learning in these 7 years that you did well.’ Let us tell you that after marriage, Anushka Sharma was present with her husband Virat Kohli in every match like a shadow. Not only this, even during her pregnancy, Anushka Sharma appeared during the match with husband Virat.

first published:Jan. 17, 2022, 11:05 a.m.

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