Can Ticket family support BJP? Modi government minister Sanjeev Balyan met the king

Sisouli. In the assembly elections 2022 to be held in Uttar Pradesh, who will support the family of Mahendra Tickett, who was a big leader of the farmers of western UP, is a big question. Narendra Tikait, the elder son of Mahendra Tikait, who came into the limelight from the farmers’ movement, has been met by the minister of the Modi government, Sanjeev Baliyan. After this meeting, the market of discussions is hot whether the Bharatiya Kisan Union can support the BJP in the elections.

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A few days ago, BKU National President Naresh Tikait announced the support of Samajwadi Party and Rashtriya Lok Dal candidates and then took a U-turn. It is believed that the BJP is also trying to persuade the Tikait family. The two leaders met at the house of King Tikait. It is not yet known what happened between the two. However, Naresh has said that Balyan is the family man and anyone can come to meet him.

Meanwhile, farmer leader Rakesh Tikait has also reiterated that his organization is not in support of anyone. Rakesh Tikait said that Sisauli is everyone’s home, everyone goes there. When one minister went, there were other candidates as well. Everyone was sitting in one place. However, when asked whether BKU has forgiven BJP? In response, Tikait said, “No one is forgiving, who said that they have forgiven. Don’t be under any misunderstanding.”


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