cid return on tv: CID’s ACP Pradyuman aka Shivaji Satam is saddened by not getting powerful roles, says – Tired of sitting at home – cid fame acp pradyuman aka shivaji satam says he is not getting powerful roles from industry

Actor Shivaji Satam, who plays ACP Pradyuman in CID, has been away from the big and small screen for a long time. He left his mark in every door-to-door by speaking dialogues like ‘Kuch toh ghada hai, mercy find out’ and made a different place in the hearts of the people. After the show goes off air, he is currently waiting for such a strong role. Although he has made many revelations even after the show resumed.

During a conversation with Hindustan Times, Shivaji Saat says, ‘I will not say that I am getting many offers. If it is not now then it is not. Had one or two offers but they weren’t interesting. I am from Marathi theatre. I played those characters which I liked.

He was last seen in a small role in the film ‘Haseen Dilruba’ but Shivaji feels that there are no great roles in the industry for actors of his age. He says, ‘But we can’t do anything. It is my misfortune that no powerful characters are being written at all. This is a loss on both sides. As an actor, I miss good work and at the same time the audience also misses seeing a good actor on screen.

Shivaji says that he has been getting offers for many police roles, which he has played in the last two decades. He says, ‘Why should I? I cannot do the same role over and over again. At the same time, when asked if he is ready to play the role of ACP Pradyuman once again? So he says, ‘If CID starts again tomorrow, I will be at the forefront of doing this project. I am not tired of playing this character. I am tired of just sitting at home.

On relaunching CID with new characters, Satam says, “The producers are planning to bring the show back again. Yes its format will be different. For now, talks are going on. Nothing is certain. Everything is in the air.

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