Goa Election 2022 TMC waiting for reply on alliance offer to Congress Mahua Moitra said the aim is to defeat the BJP

New Delhi: Including Manipur, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh Goa is also It is one of the five states, which are standing on the electoral front. At present, there is a BJP government in Goa and other parties are making full preparations to oust the BJP from power. Mutual alliance is also included in this exercise of the opposition. It is to be noted that Goa will go to polls in a single phase on February 14 along with Punjab and Uttarakhand, while the election results will be declared on March 10.

At this time, the market for discussions regarding the alliance of Congress and TMC is hot in the state. According to the report, the Congress has been offered an alliance by TMC. Though it has been turned down by the state leaders of Congress, TMC is still waiting for the reply from the top party leaders.

Party MP and Goa in-charge Mahua Moitra said the Trinamool Congress had made a formal offer of an alliance to the Congress about two weeks ago in view of the Goa Assembly elections, but did not get any response from them. Responding to statements made by Congress’ senior election observer for Goa P Chidambaram, who said in an interview with a local TV channel that the Congress is yet to receive a formal proposal for an alliance, Moitra said Chidambaram should contact the Congress leadership.

Chidambaram, on the other hand, ruled out any possibility of an alliance. Also, Chidambaram said that Congress has election issues, economy, employment, education, environment, Goa’s ethos etc. in Goa.

Moitra tweeted, ‘All India Trinamool Congress has given a formal and definite proposal to Congress on Goa to defeat BJP. The Congress leadership has sought time to respond. This is about two weeks ago.

Moitra says that TMC was late in entering Goa, this is not true. He said that we were very busy earlier in defeating the BJP in the 2021 assembly elections (in West Bengal). At that point, we could not be distracted. But it is very important for us to come here now. She says in a conversation with a private newspaper, ‘If the Congress had been successful in defeating the BJP, then we would not have needed to stay here. The goal is not to remove the Congress, but to remove the BJP. So we think we have taken the right step. He said that we have to unite against the BJP.

Moitra said that talks have been held with Congress chiefs, that is, with the top leadership. It does not have election in-charge, nor is the state in-charge. In this, neither the general secretary nor any vice-president but the person who takes important decisions of the party. Let us tell you that the Congress is trying to present a strong face in Goa and the party has denied any alliance talks with Trinamool even after all the talk.

first published:Jan. 17, 2022, 11:21 a.m.



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