Kapil Sharma Proposed Ginni While Drunk: Kapil Sharma proposed to Ginni Chatrath while drunk and says she was scared and shocked

Popular comedian and actor Kapil Sharma is currently in discussion about his stand-up special episode on Netflix. The episode titled ‘I Am Not Done Yet’ will be telecast on January 28. The makers are showing glimpses of some funny revelations made by Kapil Sharma from this episode, which has increased the excitement of the fans.

Now the makers have released yet another promo, in which Kapil Sharma revealed that he proposed Ginni Chatrath under the influence of alcohol. Everyone was surprised to hear the story he told. However, Ginni Chatrath again gave such an answer that Kapil Sharma stopped speaking.

‘I had a drink and asked – do you love me?’

In the promo shared, Kapil Sharma is saying to wife Ginni Chatrath, ‘It was my favorite among all the actors. We used to theater together. I used to put this duty in many things. She used to call me and tell me that this happened today, that happened. Today we rehearsed so much. One day he called me. I drank Officers Choice (a brand of liquor). I picked up the phone and asked, ‘Do you love me? Do you love me?’ It trembled. Says, ‘What? How did this man get the courage?’ I thank God I didn’t drink toddy that day.

‘What did you love about the scooter? Ginni gave this answer

On hearing this, the people present laugh and the whole atmosphere reverberates with thunderous applause. Kapil is seen saying further, ‘If I had been drinking toddy, maybe my question would have changed. Ginni tere papa need a driver? I want to ask Ginni one thing. By the way, Ginni never came on my show. Ginni you are from a very nice house. Financially also from a very good house. So what did you think you fell in love with a boy with a scooter?’
Why did you fall in love with the scooterist? After listening to Kapil Sharma’s question, wife Ginni gave such an answer, stopped speaking
Kapil Sharma did Bhangra with his son on his first Lohri, Ginni Chatrath also made her beloved dance a lot
Hearing this, Ginni replied, ‘I thought that everyone loves the person with money. Let me do good to this poor only. On hearing this, where everyone present laughs out loud, Kapil’s face is worth seeing.

Kapil Sharma and Ginni are college friends. Both got married on 12 December 2018. A year later, where Ginni gave birth to a daughter, in February 2021, Kapil and Ginni became parents to a son.

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