Rajiv Adatia Bigg Boss: Once again Rajiv Adatia’s entry in BB15, a big threat to the rest of the family members!

To say, the finale of Bigg Boss 15 is going to happen in two weeks. Instead of evictioning the members present in the house, new contestants are being brought in the show. Earlier it was reported that Vishal Kotian and Rajeev Adatia would enter the house as wildcards. But due to Vishal’s corona being infected, his leaf was cut. Although he was fine. His report also came negative but still he was not brought into the house. Talking about Rajiv Adatia, then he has come on the show.

According to the promo of Bigg Boss, there is an entry in Rajiv’s house. It is said that he has brought challenges for the rest of the members. On seeing his brother, Shamita Shetty runs and hugs him. Rajeev warns everyone to be careful as the time to come is going to be difficult for them. He tells that now the decision of ticket to finale is also in his hands.

Apart from this, he also narrates the messages from his family to all the contestants. First Nishant reads Bhatt’s message, which was sent by his mother. In it she says, ‘Everyone has started knowing us by your name.’ At the same time, his father says, ‘Some people will say, people’s work is to say.’ Hearing this, not only does a smile come on Nishant’s face, he also becomes emotional. Rajeev also reads Shamita Shetty’s message. In which Shilpa Shetty writes, ‘You are doing very well Shamita.’ Hearing this love from home, the eyes of the rest of the members also become moist.

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