The Kapil Sharma Show: Farah Khan made fun of herself, ‘I will go to the public pool, will drive me’ away’

Mumbai. One of the most popular shows telecasted on TV The Kapil Sharma Show Every weekend brings new episodes to make the audience laugh. During this, many celebs are also present on Kapil’s show, who entertain the fans through their stories. Sometimes they are funny too, due to which the audience rolls with laughter.

Something similar happened in Kapil’s show this Sunday too, when Raveena Tandon and Farah Khan reached the show. In the show, Kapil says that he does not know whether he will be allowed to speak today or not because both of them keep the present answer and will have to think before speaking anything in front of them.

At the same time, after reaching the show, Kapil asks about the bandage tied on Farah’s leg, how did she get hurt. On this Farah Khan tells that ‘You did not tell how the injury happened.’ Farah says that ‘my foot slipped in the swimming pool. Shirish had to fall after seeing me in the swimming pool but I fell.

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After this she says, ‘Look, I put two things in this that how rich I am, I have my own pool. I have to put it, I will go to the public pool, will drive me away.’ Kapil says, ‘We know you have a private pool in the penthouse. We keep all the news. Archana further says ‘Lovely House.’

Not only this, Farah Khan also reveals that she has choreographed many songs of Archana. Although their career started together. Farah was a background dancer at that time in singing with him. Watch this BTS video-

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first published:Jan. 17, 2022, 2:30 p.m.


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