Vicky Kaushal Wears A Hoodie Similar To Katrina Kaif | Sister-in-law is at home… when Vicky Kaushal came out wearing Katrina Kaif’s clothes in winter, people said

Vicky Kaushal wears Katrina kaif Hoodie: Sister-in-law is at home… Now you must be thinking that why are we asking you these questions. Brother, we are not asking this question to you, but the fans are asking this question to Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal because the way Vicky Kaushal ran away from Katrina Kaif in front of everyone’s eyes, in the same way he used to wear his clothes. But still claiming their rights. Now you have to read this report for why we are saying this.

Actually, recently Vicky Kaushal has shared a picture of himself on his social media accounts (Vicky Kausal instagram). In which he has reached the sets of the film in the cold. His vanity van is also visible in the backdrop of this picture of him, but you must be wondering what is it in this photo that Vicky has shared it. Let us tell you that the clothes Vicky is wearing in the photo are not his but his wife Katrina Kaif’s.

The hoodie worn in the photo is not of Vicky, but of his wife Mrs. Kaif. Wearing this hoodie, Katrina has been captured in the media cameras many times. Yes and we tell you the reason behind sharing the picture. Actually Katrina Kaif has recently returned from Indore to Mumbai. In such a situation, Vicky’s memory of Katrina has started haunting once again. Because of this Vicky is thinking, if not Katrina, then her clothes are right.

This picture of her is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This monster hoodie of Vicky has become a part of Limelight. These cute and lovely dobby moments of Vicky Katrina are liked by the fans. The fans of their chemistry are sitting crazy.


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