Actor Siddharth, who was trapped in the case of objectionable remarks on Saina Nehwal, summoned by the Chennai Police. Actor Siddharth, who was trapped in the case of objectionable remarks on Saina Nehwal, summoned by Chennai Police

Mumbai. Actor Siddharth has been surrounded by controversies for the past several days. Recently, she made objectionable remarks on badminton star Saina Nehwal, after which she was taken cognizance of by the Women’s Commission. On these allegations, Siddharth had said that there was nothing objectionable in his tweet, but later Siddharth also apologized to Saina through social media for his remarks.

But it seems that the matter is not over yet. Now Siddharth has been summoned in this matter. The Chennai Police Commissioner on Thursday said that two complaints have been received against the actor in this regard. Giving information about this, Chennai Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal said that actor Siddhartha has been summoned. We have actually received two complaints. We only need his statement.” The Chennai Police Commissioner also said that one of the two cases involved defamation. He said that due to the corona pandemic, we are currently considering how the actor’s statement was made. However, we have summoned actor Sidharth to proceed with the proceedings.

Let us tell you that the actor had retweeted a post by Nehwal on January 6, in which he had expressed concern over the security lapse of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Punjab on January 5. At the same time, Siddharth wrote in his open letter that, ‘Dear Saina’ I apologize to you for the joke I wrote in response to your tweet a few days ago.

I may disagree with you on many things but when I read your tweet, even my frustration or anger cannot justify my tone and words. I know there is more grace in me than this. And as far as the joke is concerned…if a joke needs to be explained, it was not a good joke in the beginning. I’m sorry for this joke, which I couldn’t explain properly.

However, I must emphasize my word play and humor which was not so malicious intent that so many people of all walks of life have attributed it. I am a staunch feminist ally and I can assure you that there was no gender implied in my tweets and I certainly had no intention of attacking you as a woman. I hope we can leave this behind us and you will accept my letter. You will always be my champion. Really, Siddhartha. Let us tell you that Siddharth is a well-known face of cinema. He played an important role in the Hindi film ‘Rang De Basanti’. The actor has worked in many Hindi and South films.

first published:Jan. 21, 2022, 11:02 a.m.

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