anupama 20 january 2022 written update: Anupama 20 Jan Written Update: Anupama 20 january 2022 written update anu learns vanraj tries to gain the trust of malvika she warns him to stay away

At the beginning of the episode Vanraj shares his feelings with Malvika. Says that he is badly broken inside. He has turned all his focus towards work, which has left him alone. He thanks you for trusting Mukku and says that he is not at all like his brother Anuj. On the other hand, Anupama (Anupama 20 January Written Update) tells Anuj that Vanraj is influencing children like himself to run away from responsibilities. During this, Anu becomes emotional, on which Anuj tells her that she can open her heart and tell her anything at any time. After this, both of them start seeing each other and being uncomfortable, Anupama leaves from there asking to give medicine to Mukku.

On the other hand, Vanraj says that he is being judged because of the mistakes made in his past. While he has changed. In order to get sympathy from Malavika, Vanraj tells her about being lonely again and again. To which Malavika holds his hand and says that she trusts him. Just then Anu comes there and sees all this. She asks Malvika for medicine. To which Vanraj asks Mukku to tell him the time of his medicine, so that he can remind him from time to time. Anupama gets shocked seeing all this and says that she will take care of Mukku. On this Vanraj advises her to focus on work and insists on taking care of Malavika herself.

Here Kinjal explains to Samar but he asks her to leave him alone. On this she makes him realize that she has many people to talk to but Nandini has none. On the other hand, Malvika walks out of the cabin while talking on the phone in the office. Anupama tells Vanraj to focus on work and children. But he insists on taking care of Malavika. This leaves Anu upset and wonders how she will handle if Mukku is cheated again.

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