Anupamaa: Nandini dances with Maasi Kavya for the Shah family, people say, ‘Nandini changed the party, poor Samar..-Anupamaa: Madalsa Sharma aka Kavya dances with Nandini on the song Sajna, people say, ‘Nandini changed the party.’

Mumbai. The fans of actress Madalsa Sharma, who is playing the role of Kavya in the daily soap Anupama, are missing her a lot these days. Madalsa has not been seen in the show for the last few days, but she is not away from the eyes of her fans at all. The actress may be missing from the show these days, but she is maintaining equal contact through social media, not only this, she is also entertaining her fans.

As always, this time also Madalsa Sharma has shared a scintillating video on Instagram, which is becoming increasingly viral. Madalsa is not alone in this video, but her onscreen niece and offscreen bestie Anagha Bhosle i.e. Nandini can also be seen. This time Madalsa and Anagha have danced together on Badshah’s recently released track Sajna.

Both of them are wearing traditional green colored outfits of different shades and are recreating the hook step of the song ‘Sajna’. Along with the video, Madalsa wrote in the caption, ‘It was a lot of fun dancing to this song with my bestie’. Very good bonding is being seen between the two in the video. However, onscreen, both of them have seen nostalgia till date. But now it is not so.

Coming to the current track of the show, Nandini has taken the biggest fight in the Shah family to take the side of her aunt Kavya. He has even fought with Samar. This is the reason why people are commenting associating this video with the show. One such user wrote, ‘Hey Nandini ji, you have changed your party, poor Samar’. Let me tell you, Madalsa is also the daughter-in-law of veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty.

first published:Jan. 21, 2022, 2:24 p.m.


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