Domestic air travelers: Now domestic air travelers will be able to travel with only one bag in the cabin.

Domestic air travelers : If you are planning to travel by air in the country, then now you have to follow some strict rules of the Bureau of Civil Aviation. BCAS has asked airports to allow passengers to carry only one handbag. In such a situation, if you travel by flight and carry two-three small bags as hand bags, then now you have to be careful. BCAS has asked airports to strictly follow the one bag rule.

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BCAS has further asked the airlines to inform the passengers about the same by putting a message on the boarding pass and ticket. Not only this, the civil aviation body Ministry has also asked airports to put up hoardings in the airport premises to inform passengers about the stringent rules.

Indeed, it was found that security at airports at check-in counters from passengers carrying more than one cabin luggage bag was found to be difficult. Passengers bring more than one hand bag, due to which they take more time to give clearance. In such a situation, passengers have to stand in long lines and the crowd increases at the airport.


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