kapil sharma: Kapil Sharma recalls early days in Mumbai says I tried for BSF first then went for the army: kapil sharma ko yaad aaye mumbai ke purane din

Actor and comedian Kapil Sharma is no longer interested in any identity. He earned a lot of name and fame in the industry. But struggle was also done a lot to reach this point. His show is going to come soon on Netflix, where he will tell unheard tales of life. Its promos are coming out. He has mentioned his early time in Mumbai. He also told that he had tried many things before starting his career as a comedian.

Kapil Sharma will soon be seen in the Netflix stand-up special ‘Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet’. Earlier, Kapil recalled that he used to run from one thing to another before starting his work life. He said, ‘I had no planning. People would laugh if I told them how I started. I tried for BSF first. Then went to the army. My father and uncle were part of the police force, but papa knew many musicians and eventually introduced me to them. He wanted me to do something big or maybe creative in life.

Kapil Sharma says, ‘I remember the first time I came to Mumbai with my friends. We roamed the Juhu beach in search of the director, as if he had nothing better to do in life. Things have changed a lot since then. This is Mumbai and this is how it does it. It gives scooter people like me a chance to stand on one stage and entertain people. I remember, I was brand new to Mumbai and was unaware of what was coming my way. While walking through the congested streets of Mumbai, I used to dream the same where I am now.

Kapil Sharma proposed to Ginni Chatrath while intoxicated, said – she was trembling
Kapil Sharma also narrated an interesting anecdote of proposing Ginni Chatrath. He told that he was drunk when he asked Ginni to marry him. Kapil said, ‘One day I drank alcohol and got a call. There were high thoughts at that time. As soon as I woke up I asked do you love me? She was shocked and said what! How did this man get the courage? I am thankful that I did not drink toddy that day. Otherwise it would have been my year that Ginni, your father needs a driver?’

The Kapil Sharma Show will stream on Netflix on January 28. Earlier, he had also quipped about his controversial tweets. He had said that after making the controversial tweet, he had fled to Maldives, where he had requested to be given a room without internet. In this affair, he had spent 8-9 lakh rupees.

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