Love Vivah Com Trailer Out: Amrapali Dubey will be seen falling in love with this hero except Nirahua, the film’s trailer was released. Love Vivah Com Trailer Out: Amrapali Dubey will be seen falling in love with this hero except Nirhua, the film’s trailer released

MumbaiIAmrapali Dubey, one of the top actresses of Bhojpuri industry, has millions of fans on her social media. There is a great news for the fans of.

Let us tell you that recently the trailer of the actress’s upcoming film ‘Love Vivah’ (Aamrapali Dubey New Film Love Vivah Com Trailer Out) is out. The trailer is making a lot of noise as soon as it is out. Since long the fans were waiting for the trailer of this most awaited film of Amrapali. The trailer of the film is winning the hearts of the fans.

The trailer of the film begins with a college scene, where actor Pradeep Pandey Chintu, who has come to study medicine, falls in love with Amrapali Dubey at first sight. The leader of the girls, Amrapali Dubey is seen stirring up the hero to look at any girl. But because there is a film, the hero has to fall in love with the heroine.

Gradually, the love story of both of them flourishes, but the hero’s family members fix his marriage elsewhere. After which both of them keep trying to escape. But the girl’s family catches her. On the other hand, the girl whom Hero’s family decides to marry is none other than Kajal Raghavani, who is portrayed as a dancer.

Because this is a drama story based drama, then the boy is also beaten up fiercely, but the hero heroines are not able to get away from each other. Both are ready to lay down their lives for each other. There is also a scene in the middle where the girl’s family harass the boy’s family. Action, romance, comedy everything is mixed a little bit in this romantic drama movie.

first published:Jan. 21, 2022, 10:11 a.m.

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