Mithun Chakraborty Cries In Hunarbaaz: Mithun Chakraborty cried listening to the story of the contestant, said – my son says like this, I will die like this – hunarbaaz new promo mithun chakraborty breaks down hearing this contestant story salutes to his talent parineeti chopra too cries

In ‘Hunarbaaz: Desh Ki Shaan’, a contestant came, whose talent forced Mithun Chakraborty to rise up and salute him. Also his story made him cry. Along with Mithun Da, Parineeti Chopra and Bharti Singh also cried.

The name of this contestant is Manoj Jain, who is a magician by profession. The makers have released a new promo of the show, in which Manoj shows some magic that even Karan Johar and Parineeti get shocked. Mithun Chakraborty gets up from his seat and salutes the contestants. After this, when Mithun asks Manoj why he has come in ‘Hunarbaaz’? After this, everyone cried after hearing what Manoj told.

son’s hatred broke

Manoj Jain said, ‘I have actually come to prove my son. Some relatives said that hey what are you doing? You have to become a mother. So because of this, there was a little hate factor in him (son) for my work. Now he lives separately from me too.

Did not pick up father’s call, Mithun got emotional
When Mithun asks if he can talk to his son, Manoj says that he might not pick up the call. Don’t talk On this Mithun says, ‘The phone will be cut. Will you insult me? I have been insulted so much. Don’t worry.’
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Mithun said – my son says like this, I will die like this

Manoj Jain again calls the son, but he does not pick up. Seeing this, Mithun gets hurt too and, keeping his tears under control, he says, ‘I am very much in love with my heart. If tomorrow my son tells me like this, I will die like this. Earning bread with respect is equal to the one who eats it. The mother takes care of the child for 9 months but a father takes care of the child for the rest of his life.
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Let us inform that ‘Hunarbaaz: Desh Ki Shaan’ will be telecast from January 22 to Saturday-Sunday at 9 pm on Colors. Apart from Mithun and Parineeti, Karan Johar is judging the show. While Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachiyaa are hosting it.

mithun cries in hunarbaaz


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