Remo D’souza’s brother-in-law commits suicide, Lizelle D’souza reveals the reason

Mumbai. In the Corona era, bad news is coming out one after the other from the entertainment world. In this episode, information about the suicide of Jason Watkins, brother-in-law of Bollywood’s famous choreographer and director Remo D’souza, has come to the fore. On Thursday, Jason Watkins, brother of Remo D’souza’s wife Lizelle D’souza, committed suicide by hanging himself at his Mumbai home. Since then Lizelle is in deep shock.

After getting information about the matter, Mumbai Police has started action by registering a case. Jason’s body has been sent to Cooper Hospital in Mumbai for post-mortem. At the same time, now Lizelle has given the reason behind brother Jason’s suicide. Lizelle told the Times of India that her father is currently battling kidney problems. He was on dialysis in the hospital and when he reached home looking for his son, he was devastated to find the son in this condition.

Lizelle D’Souza further told that by the time Papa opened the door after reaching home, Jason had already taken his own life. Lizelle also revealed that after the death of her mother in Mumbai, her father and brother used to live together. Revealing the reason behind his brother’s suicide, Lizelle cried and said, “He used to live in depression after his mother’s departure. The mother died in the year 2018 and since then she had not even married. He was very close to his mother and was in shock after her death.

Lizelle revealed that she and husband Remo D’Souza were in Goa at a friend’s wedding at the time of her brother’s death. Lizelle told that during that time she got a call from her father and asked about Jason. Lizelle and Remo were stunned upon hearing this, but by the time they came to know everything was over. Lizelle is in deep shock after the incident and is seen apologizing to her mother while sharing a picture on her Instagram story.

first published:Jan. 21, 2022, 8:30 a.m.


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