Sapna Chaudhary Ecreate Pushpa Dialouge In Her Style

Sapna Choudhary Latest Video: Pushpa’s fever is being seen on social media these days. Every other person is calling himself a flower not a fire and now the name of dancing queen Sapna Choudhary has also been added to this list. Sapna Chaudhary is seen intimidating the fans in her new video. Seeing this warmth of Sapna, there is a shadow of fear in the hearts of the people. Wearing a red suit, Sapna is seen scaring the fans with her expression.

Recently, Sapna Chaudhary has shared the reel while speaking the dialogue of the superhit film Pushpa the Rise at the box office. In this video the dialogue level of Sapna Ka Tashan is out of the box. Sapna’s style, while doing the hook step of Allu, has started scaring people. The film Pushpa the Rise is being discussed everywhere. Many Bollywood stars are recreating the famous dialogue of this film. Sapna speaks in the video. After hearing the name Pushpa, what did you understand as a flower?…fire is me. This style of Pushpa is creating a ruckus on social media. This Rudra form of Sapna on it from above… that means double dose of entertainment.

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Sapna Chaudhary’s great fan following is seen on social media. 4.6 million followers follow him on Instagram. Sapna Chaudhary is famous not only in Haryana but in the whole country for both her style and dance. Sapna has made millions of fans on the basis of her ability. Sapna never disappoints her fans. She often shares her new videos and photos for fans on social media.

The glam moves of Miss Samantha are in full swing in the film Pushpa’s name and the song of the film. The name of the film is ‘Pushpa’ and the title of the song is O Antava..Oo Oo Antava. This song has created a ruckus on social media. In the song, Allu Arjun and Samantha have done such a tremendous dance that everyone is copying them.

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