shehnaaz gill visit brahmakumaris: shehnaaz gill visit brahmakumaris shares pics of tower of peace purity months after sidharth shukla death: shehnaaz gill pauchi brahmakumaris

When Shehnaaz Gill was a part of ‘Bigg Boss 13’. was inside the house. Then his flirtation, comedy, carefree style was seen, but after the death of his special friend Siddharth Shukla (Sidharth Shukla), many changes have taken place in him. Fans say that there is a pause on their face. There is pain in the eyes. Looks like he’s trying to take care of himself. Meanwhile, fans are also getting to see his spiritual side. A few days ago, he had a conversation with Sister Shivani, whose video was shared among the fans. Now she herself has reached ‘Brahmakumari’ (Shehnaaz Gill visit Brahmakumaris). He has shared photos of ‘Tower of Peace’, ‘Tower of Purity’, ‘Tower of Knowledge’, ‘The Supreme Soul’ light and a sunflower for all on social media.

Late actor Siddharth Shukla and his family were associated with ‘Brahmakumari’. When Shahnaz shared the video of the conversation with Sister Shivani, she told that she always wanted to meet Shivani’s sister. He also spoke to Siddharth, after which Siddharth had also assured him to meet Shivani sister.

shehnaaz gill visit brahmakumaris

Shahnaz Gill had also told that in the last 2 years there has been a lot of changes in him. Siddhartha taught him a lot. He had said, ‘Many people think, no, not me anymore. Now if I die then it is good, this is the wording of the people. I also meant that we should not live now, we should do so. What will I do now?’

shehnaaz gill visit brahmakumaris

Shahnaz had said that now she has become very strong and is happy with the old memories. He had said, ‘Our journey is now, his journey has been completed. His clothes have changed, but he has come somewhere… His appearance has changed, but he has come again in this form. His account has been closed with me for now… Then maybe sometime will continue.’

Shahnaz is now slowly moving forward in life. She has again shot a song with rapper Yash Raj Mukhtey, which also features her dialogue from ‘Bigg Boss 13’. He also recently promoted the new show ‘Hunarbaaz’.

Shehnaaz Gill visit Brahmakumaris


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