UP Election 2022: Priyanka Gandhi said in exclusive interview with Anuradha Prasad, ‘If needed, will support Akhilesh Yadav’, watch video – UP Election 2022: Priyanka Gandhi said in exclusive interview with Anuradha Prasad, ‘If needed, will support’ Akhilesh Yadav’, see video

New Delhi: Along with Goa, Manipur, Uttarakhand and Punjab, the election board has also been decorated in Uttar Pradesh. Needless to say, like every election, this time too, the eyes of the country are on the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections the most. It is believed that this of UP Assembly electionsWith the script for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections being written, it is going to be decided who will climb the stairs of Delhi’s throne in the next general elections?

And readUP Election 2022: Priyanka Gandhi will be the face of CM in UP? Know what the Congress General Secretary said

During the last few days, due to the defections of different leaders and the list of candidates being released one after the other by the political parties, the temperature of the political circles of UP has risen.

Meanwhile, News24’s ADaughter-in-Chief Anuradha Prasad Congress General Secretary and party’s Uttar Pradesh in-charge Priyanka Gandhi Special conversation. This exclusive interview will air on News24 on Friday nights at 08:56 pm. Here we are presenting some excerpts from this interview.

In a conversation with Anuradha Prasad, Priyanka Gandhi said- The slogan of ‘I can fight a girl’ reached door to door in UP.’

At the same time, the Congress General Secretary also said that – ‘Women have the power to change the country’.

In this discussion with Anuradha Prasad, Priyanka Gandhi also said that ‘It doesn’t matter whether it is victory or defeat, I will continue to work for UP’.

The biggest thing that Priyanka Gandhi said in this exclusive discussion was that ‘Zoorat padi to denge Akhilesh ka saath’. Let us tell you that apart from the last assembly elections, this time the Samajwadi Party and the Congress have landed separately in Uttar Pradesh. In such a situation, after this statement of Priyanka Gandhi, the stir in the political corridors of Uttar Pradesh is sure to increase.

And to know what Priyanka Gandhi said, what some claims were made, what allegations were leveled against the opposition, do not forget to watch this special conversation on News24 on Friday night at 08:56 pm.

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first published:Jan. 21, 2022, 4:53 p.m.



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