Kangana Ranaut Got Her Debut Movie Gangster At Restraurant , Anurag Basu Offer Her This Superhit Movie | Kismat Connection: When drinking coffee in a restaurant

Kangana Ranaut Debut Story: Talking about Bollywood’s Dabang, Bindaas, fearless, witty actress, then probably everyone will take the name of Kangana Ranaut. Kangana got a different identity due to the way her personality has emerged in the last few years. Kangana needs no introduction today. One film after another and then the National Award for those films. It has now become a habit for Kangana to win the highest honor for the film. Today in Kismat Connection we will talk about Kangana Ranaut. After all, what was that moment when the fate of this mountain beauty shone. Let me tell you.

Gangster was debut movie (Kangana Ranaut Gangster)
Talking about Kangana Ranaut’s career, her debut movie was Gangster. This film, which came in the year 2006, was the first superhit film of Kangana’s career. Who gave the industry a star that has been shining for 16 years. Emraan Hashmi and Shiney Ahuja were in lead roles in the film. It was a romantic genre crime drama film in which Shiney Ahuja played the role of a gangster. The story of the film and the acting of its artist was very good to everyone, as a result the film was a tremendous hit. But how did Kangana, a resident of Manali, finally get this film. Believe me, it was the connection of Kangna’s luck that she joined Bollywood.

open luck drinking coffee
So it happened that Kangana Ranaut was in Mumbai at that time and was associated with the modeling world. At that time, director Anurag Basu was working on the film Gangster only. He had reached a restaurant where Kangana was already present and was drinking coffee. Seeing Kangana, Anurag Basu felt something in him. Therefore, through a waiter, Anurag Basu sent a paper to Kangana on which it was written whether she is interested in acting. This story started just from here and on seeing Kangana got a role offer.

Kangana left from the film
When Anurag Basu showed Kangana’s photo to the film’s producer Mahesh Bhatt, he felt that perhaps this girl was not suitable for this role because Kangana’s age was very young according to that role at that time. So her leaf was cut from this role and Chitrangada Sen was signed in the film. But when the shooting of the film started, Chitrangada did not even pick up the call of the makers, so Anurag Basu again approached Kangana Ranaut and she got what Kangana was destined for. And today Kangana is the heartbeat of millions.

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