Hare Matar Ki Ghugharee: Eat green peas in winter, this country dish is delicious and full of nutrients

Hare Matar Ki Ghugharee : In the winter season, different types of dishes are liked by the local residents in different parts of the country. In Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, green peas ghughri is made in every household these days. Ghuggri of green peas is made in many ways in these states. People of all age groups, popular matar ki ghughri is made with and without spices. The measure of the popularity of this dish is understood from the fact that it is used from breakfast to lunch and dinner.

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It is made for breakfast in the morning or evening. In the winter season when the arrival of green peas increases. Matar ki ghughri is made with potato, churna and makhana. It is made in potato kachlu and mixed with powder while making poha. It is very easy to make this. It is made by adding potatoes, cumin, green chilies and chopped garlic leaves.

Many nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, antioxidants and magnesium are found in green peas. All these are beneficial for health. In the winter season, people mix green peas with many vegetables and eat some by adding them to the casserole.

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