MP: On the pretext of doubling the notes, used to cheat people, 7 members of inter-state gang arrested – MP: On the pretext of doubling the notes, used to cheat people, 7 members of inter-state gang arrested

Dushyant Mishra, Indore: Indore Police of Madhya Pradesh has busted an inter-state gang who cheated people by cheating people on the pretext of doubling the notes. Police has arrested 7 members of the gang. Police seized 4 thousand real notes and 3 thousand fake notes from the possession of the accused; 7 thousand rupees and note making equipment and a vehicle have been seized. Now the police is interrogating the accused that how many people have been cheated till now and in which states their network is spread.

According to the information, the police got information from the informer that some miscreants used to take original notes from the customer in the name of doubling the money by erasing the number of notes of the same series and making two notes of the same number. Then putting butter paper on it, applying chemical, wrapped it in the page of the copy and kept it hidden in his pocket. Two notes of the same series, already kept with them, open the roll of paper and clean them with chemicals and pretend to make two notes and run away by fraudulently taking money from the people.

On information, Thana Kanadiya and ACP. Taking action by the joint team of Khajrana, Satish Kumar, Sabeez Khan, Tilak Gupta, Sabid Khan, Aman Sharma, Indresh Kushwaha, Shashi Tilkar and Rupam Jahade have been arrested from the spot. Police have seized original notes of Rs 4 thousand and fake notes of Rs 3 thousand, a total of Rs 7 thousand and the materials and vehicles used in the incident from their possession. All the accused are residents of different cities and they used to run away after duping people in different cities in the same way by forming gangs. At present, the police is questioning the accused about their partner and their network.

first published:Jan. 25, 2022, 7:54 p.m.


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