Rashmika Mandanna ignores poor woman, trolls said – ‘Rich from pocket but…’ Rashmika Mandanna ignores poor woman, trolls said – ‘Rich from pocket but…

Mumbai. South’s superstar actress Rashmika Mandanna is in even more headlines after the release of the film ‘Pushpa’. Fans of National Crush are seen showering their love on each and every post and activity of theirs. However, Rashmika’s new viral video (Rashmika Mandanna Viral Video) is attracting a lot of attention of the fans, seeing that instead of praising her, people are seen raging on her.

Rashmika Mandanna was spotted on the way out of the restaurant in Khar, Mumbai on the previous day (Rashmika Mandanna Spotted Video). During this, the actress was wearing a black color jumpsuit. Also wearing black boots and black mask, she was seen completing her look through open hair. Only after seeing Rashmika, fans and paparazzi started following her to capture the actress. During this, a poor woman also reached the actress.

Rashmika, seeing the poor woman, refused to help her due to lack of change money. The woman was following him the whole time, as well as when the actress sat in the car, the woman was seen pleading with him for help. However, Rashmika left without paying the money. Seeing this video of the actress, social media users have erupted and are seen taking a dig at Rashmika by commenting.

The video of Rashmika Mandanna has been posted by instantbollywood on its official Instagram account. Which has got more than 1 lakh 70 thousand likes in the Instagram world so far. At the same time, a user has commented and wrote, ‘What is the use of so much money when the hunger of a poor cannot be satisfied.’ Another wrote, ‘If you wanted, you could have given money to that poor person, but you did not.’ Another writes, ‘You people are rich in pocket and very poor in heart.’ Similarly, other users have also been seen trolling Rashmika by commenting profusely on this act of Rashmika.

first published:Jan. 25, 2022, 8:21 a.m.



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