Twitter’s upcoming feature allows you to share tweets with 150 selected users

San Francisco: Micro-blogging site Twitter is reportedly developing a feature that will allow users to create up to 150 user lists of people to send certain tweets. As The Verge reported, if this sounds familiar, it’s because Instagram’s Close Friends feature lets you do the same thing, but in Twitter’s case, you’ll limit your tweets to your ‘Flock’.

Twitter first gave us a glimpse of the feature last July, which was then called ‘Trusted Friends’. Since then, mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi has been tracking Twitter’s progress.

According to the report, Twitter is working on a page that shows more details about Flock, which states that you can add up to 150 members.

Only these users can see or reply to Tweets sent to your Flock and if you decide you no longer want anyone in your Flock, Twitter notes that you can remove it from your list at any time. Can delete people and they will not get any notification.

If you’re in someone’s Flock and they send a Tweet, Paluzzi sees a label that can appear below that Tweet.

To send a Tweet to your Flock, it looks like Twitter will display an Audience option before you send it, allowing you to choose between all Twitter and your selected users.

Twitter launched invite-only communities in September, a similar feature that lets you connect with users with shared interests.

Just like you can limit your Tweets to your Flock, you can send Tweets to a specific community instead of all your visitors.

Twitter spokeswoman Tatiana Britt told The Verge: “Twitter is always working on new ways to help people engage in healthy conversations and we are currently exploring ways for people to share more privately. “

“We don’t have any more news to share about the feature at this time, but we can confirm ‘Twitter Flock’.”

first published:Jan. 25, 2022, 7:40 p.m.


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