Wardha: Car falls from bridge, death of 7 medical students including son of BJP MLA

Wardha: Seven students, including Avishkar Rahangdale, son of BJP MLA Vijay Rahangdale, were killed when a car fell from a bridge near Selsura at around 11.30 pm last night. Seven people from Yavatmal were coming to Wardha by car.

Wardha SP Prashant Holkar said that the accident happened when the vehicle coming from the front lost control. The vehicle was completely damaged in the accident. The magnitude of the accident is evident by looking at the condition of the car.

The accident was not reported as it was night time. However, seeing the loud sound, the people of the area felt that the accident had happened. With the help of local villagers and social workers, the bodies of the youths were retrieved.

Medical student involved in car accident:
1. Neeraj Chauhan (MBBS Final Part 1)
2. Aavyan Rahangdale (MBBS 1)
3. Nitesh Singh (Intern MBBS)
4. Vivek Nandani (Final Part 1 MBBS)
5. Pratyush Singh (MBBS Final Part 2)
6. Shubham Jaiswal (MBBS Final Part 2)
7. Pawan Shakti (MBBS1)

first published:Jan. 25, 2022, 9:02 a.m.



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