Sara Ali Khan On Friendship With Janhvi Kapoor Actress Says We Are Not Friends | Sara Janhvi Friendship: What happened that Sara Ali Khan said about Jhanvi Kapoor

Sara On Bonding With Janhvi: Sara Ali Khan and Jhanvi Kapoor share a great bonding. Popular star kids are often seen together. Both of them not only hang out in Mumbai, but also go for out-of-town trips together. Although Sara does not give it the name of friendship.

Actually, recently Sara Ali Khan has spoken on friendship with Jhanvi Kapoor. She said, ‘Be it Radhika Madan or Jhanvi, I like both. We are just what we look like. We have to be comfortable with ourselves. Why are Ananya Pandey, Radhika, Jhanvi or I here today, the answer is that we all have something to do. We need to believe in it and be comfortable.

Sara further says that, ‘Beyond the thinking of people, there are similarities between me and Jhanvi. We are not best friends, rather we are serious, ambitious and strong girls who lost their two years due to this pandemic. My heart aches to be back on the sets of my projects, no one can understand this more than Jhanvi. At the same time, he said, ‘By the time I started getting used to my life, only then we went to the houses due to the lockdown and this binds both of us the most.’

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