CG: Good initiative of Durg Girls College, Professors formed Super-30 group to help poor girl students

Bhilai. The professors of Girls College, Durg, Chhattisgarh have taken a good initiative to help the poor and needy children. On the lines of Bihar mathematician Anand Kumar’s Super 30, Noni scheme has been started in Durg district. There are 30 professors in this, who are providing the necessities from the fees of the girl students by raising funds for the help.

In the year 2020, these teachers started the ‘More Noni’ scheme for the students of the college on their own. With her noble work, she has helped more than 1000 poor girls to get higher education till now. Every year more than 3700 daughters enroll their names in the Government Vaman Rao Patankar Girls College, run at Durg district headquarters. These include girls from poor homes not only in the city but also in rural areas.

There are many girl students in the college who are unable to study due to poor financial condition. Due to not being able to pay many fees, she does not even reach the second year of college and leaves her studies in the middle. Together, 30 professors of the college have taken the initiative to teach each such daughter like their own.

Dr. Sushil Chandra Tiwari, Principal of Girls College, told that during the Corona transition period, when the means of employment of the people were stopped. Lock down was imposed in the whole country. At that time many girls had to stop their studies midway. Seeing this the college professor was very worried. He called a meeting and brainstormed why so many daughters are leaving the college. It came to the conclusion that the daughters of the general category who are unable to afford the college fees and other expenses, are being forced to leave the college. His parents are not sending him to college. What was it then the professor immediately decided that now no daughter will be away from education. The professor himself will come up with a plan to educate them.

Most of the girls who drop out due to economic reasons are from the general category. It is difficult for these daughters to reach college because there is no such scholarship scheme for them which they can benefit from. In such a situation, they are left with no other option but to leave their studies in the middle. Principal Dr. Sushil Chandra Tiwari informed that 30 professors of the college together have taken the responsibility of bearing the full cost of education of such needy daughters.

Together they started a scheme at the college level. Named it ‘Mor Noni’ scheme ‘Mor Noni’ means ‘my daughter’. Under the Mor Noni scheme, every professor bears the full cost of education of at least two daughters. Not only this, now the professor’s children have also started cooperating in this scheme. There are many professors whose children are simultaneously taking care of the education of 10-10, 20-20 daughters. Paying their fees.

first published:Jan. 31, 2022, 9:50 p.m.


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