Crazy fan putting gutkha in his mouth forced his hand on Urfi Javed’s waist and took selfie, Urfi kept laughing

Mumbai. Bigg Boss OTT fame aka Javed has often been seen making headlines through his strange yet bold fashion. Urfi is seen grabbing the attention of the audience with her looks, she never cared about what people say. Every day her new pictures and videos are seen on social media, which go viral due to both fans and haters.

Meanwhile, another video of Urfi is going viral, but this time not because of her fashion but because of her Jabra fan. Urfi can be seen laughing and laughing at her in the latest video, that too because of a man who is trying to take a selfie with her. It can be seen in the video that Urfi is walking wearing a pink color cutout dress, when a person who is full of tobacco in his mouth suddenly comes and puts his hand on Urfi’s waist and starts taking selfie with him. Not only this, before taking a selfie, he spits tobacco on the road there.

Seeing this act of the person, where in a way the paparazzi and some people present there start getting angry on him, on the other hand Urfi’s laughter does not stop and she is seen laughing loudly holding her stomach. Seeing them, it seemed as if they would just fall down laughing. In the background of the video, someone can be heard saying ‘Aye gutkha lover’. Not only this, Urfi herself also says that maybe that person was from UP. Some people even gave a hint of being from Kanpur or Banaras, which has angered the netizens.

Some social media users slammed the person who spit gutka, writing, “Instead of laughing, she could have told him not to spoil the roads like this.” Another mentioned, “Isme itna laughing ki baat li hai hai under one ear.” The third mentioned, “It looks weird, spitting in the streets.” Recently another video of Urfi went viral, in which she was seen crying while sitting in a cafe with an unknown person.

first published:Jan. 31, 2022, 6:35 p.m.


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