Diego Verdaguer: These are the emotional words that Amanda Miguel dedicated to the “love of her life”

It’s been a tough few days for the family Michael Verdaguer, behind the death from Diego, Argentine artist, naturalized Mexican who made a great career in our country in the company of his wife amanda michael, who recently dedicated a very loving, endearing and farewell message to him.

“Your wife, your unconditional love, forever”

“My angel, the only love of my life. You gave me your life and your tenderness, you were my teacher, my confidant, my partner and what I have loved most in this life. You were a great father, a grateful and loving son, you gave EVERYTHING to all of us, you were a dear friend, a creator, an artist in all its extension and everywhere you left me surrounded by your protection and today I don’t know how to live without your beautiful presence, your love and aesthetics in our next days”.

Amanda and Diego generated great love songs that today are an anthem. “You illuminated the paths of all with your true example of life, dedication and love. I wish to meet you again soon where you have surely gone unintentionally, because you told us that you would never leave… Your wife, your unconditional love, forever.”

The family of Argentine singer-songwriter Diego Verdaguer confirmed last Friday the death of the interpreter of “La ladrona” and “Voy a conquistarte.”

Through his own Instagram account, as well as those of his widow Amanda Miguel and her daughter Ana Victoria, the news of the death was reported through a brief statement.



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