Madhubala Had Made Dilip Kumar Go To Court In Anger Married This Big Star Know The Whole Story

Madhubala and Dilip Kumar: Madhubala’s name is immortal in Hindi cinema forever, the reason was not only her acting but also beauty. During her career, the name of Madhubala was in discussion with many people. These include the name of superstar Dilip Kumar. Even today, the discussions of the love of both are on the lips of the people. According to media reports, the relationship between Madhubala and Dilip Kumar lasted for 9 years. Not only this, both of them were also engaged and were about to get married, but luck had something else in mind and Madhubala got married to Kishore Kumar.

According to media reports, Madhubala’s father did not approve of his daughter’s relationship with Dilip Kumar. Not only this, he also used to knock both of them to do films together. Actually, when producer BR Chopra cast Madhubala and Dilip Kumar for his film Naya Daur, the film team had to go to Madhya Pradesh for shooting but Madhubala’s father did not approve of this. For this reason BR Chopra signed Vyjayanthimala in the film.

According to media reports, for the promotion of the film Naya Daur, the makers printed a photo in the news paper, in which Vyjayanthimala was seen instead of Madhubala. Madhubala dragged this issue to the court, Dilip Kumar also appeared in the court to testify. During this court case, a rift broke out between the two and their paths parted. After separating from Dilip Kumar, Madhubala gave heart to Kishore Kumar. According to media reports, when Kishore Kumar asked Madhubala for marriage, he immediately said yes. The teenage actress changed her religion and married Madhubala. However, shortly after marriage, Madhubala came to know that she had a heart condition. After fighting the disease for many years, Madhubala said goodbye to the world at the age of 36.

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